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Do you know the selection standard of the electronic valve of the cold storage system?

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In cold storage refrigeration system, the selection of components must strictly comply with the four basic principles of safety, reliability, applicability and economy. Of course, solenoid valve is no exception. In addition, solenoid valve must be based on the system's field conditions to do further selection. Generally from the following six aspects to judge.

Here is a brief introduction to everyone.

First, according to the refrigeration system pipe diameter and other parameters to choose Solenoid Valve Specifications and interface mode and so on

1, according to the refrigeration system used in the pipeline's internal strength size and flow to determine the size of the solenoid valve diameter;

2, ditto, according to the specific situation to choose the specific interface mode: Under normal circumstances, if the solenoid valve interface diameter is greater than 50 when the choice of flange interface, and in less than 50mm when it can be based on the specific circumstances of the free choice;

Second, solenoid valve material and temperature selection is generally based on the fluid parameters to determine 1, with corrosive fluid: the general face of this fluid more scientific approach is solenoid valve needs to have corrosion-resistant solenoid valve.

General choice of stainless steel material solenoid valve; 2, a high temperature of the fluid: the main factor to consider is the solenoid valve needs to use high-temperature-resistant materials.

In addition, to choose the type of piston-type structure;

3, fluid status for solenoid valve selection requirements: The general fluid may have a gaseous, liquid or gas-liquid mixing state of three species, especially in the caliber of more than 25mm must pay attention to distinguish;

4, different fluid viscosity for solenoid valve requirements: If the viscosity of the fluid higher than a certain range, you should choose a high viscosity solenoid valve.

Third, in the selection of the principle and structure of solenoid valve must be based on the system pressure parameters to make the decision

1, according to the pipe's nominal pressure to choose: nominal pressure This parameter and other valves are the same, mainly need to be based on the pressure of the refrigeration pipeline to choose;

2, work pressure: According to the refrigeration system working pressure to choose different solenoid valve, in the refrigeration system when the pressure is lower than the general selection of direct or step-by-step Direct Action operating principle of the solenoid valve.

Four, according to the refrigeration system working time to judge the solenoid valve selection mode

1, if the refrigeration system work longer, simple understanding is that when the work is greater than the closing time, the general selection of the usual open type solenoid valve;

2, if the refrigeration system to open the time is relatively short, it should be selected often closed;

3, there are some special conditions for the selection of long-term power-type

Choose the type of solenoid valve according to the specific working environment of refrigeration system in freezer

1, if it is some special environment, such as explosive environment should be selected with explosion-proof grade solenoid valve;

2, if the refrigeration system there may be a reversal of the phenomenon, it should be with a check function solenoid valve;

3, if the solenoid valve needs manual control, then select the manual function of the solenoid valve; 4, if it is necessary to work in a high water content environment, you must take a waterproof grade;