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Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic technology unveiled at 2018 International Rubber and Plastic exhibition

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April 24, 2018, Shanghai-today, the world's leading transmission and control technology company Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic technology and solutions unveiled at 2018 China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition Hall 4.1, B81 booth.

This is the first time Bosch Rexroth has demonstrated the interconnection hydraulic technology in China by combining traditional hydraulic solutions with modern system architecture and software functions to lead the traditional hydraulic to a more intelligent and interconnected hydraulic age. As Asia's largest and the world's second rubber and plastic industry exhibition, China International Plastics and Rubber Industry exhibition has been held for 31 consecutive sessions. This year's show in April 24-27th at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition scale further expansion, is expected to bring together more than 4,000 exhibitors, a full range of rubber and plastics industry to display the latest market trends and innovative technology. In recent years, the plastic industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for customization, batch and high-efficiency energy-saving production is increasing, so technological innovation appears to be particularly important.

Among them, with the industry 4.0 through, to Intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrade is an important direction. As a leader in the hydraulic industry, Bosch Rexroth has been providing hydraulic solutions for all walks of life since entering China in 1978. Our hydraulic system is widely recognized for its safety, reliability, advanced technology and convenient use. At the same time, we are actively seeking innovation and breakthroughs. "said Ms. Ninyi, chief Sales director of Bosch Rexroth China Industrial Hydraulics," as a leading practitioner of Industry 4.0 and an excellent supplier, we are also concerned that intelligent, interconnected hydraulic systems are more controllable in the production of equipment, reduce the cost of use and equipment information interoperability, which is also Bosch Rexroth proposed ' Interconnection hydraulic ' The reason for the concept.

Through integration into state-of-the-art system architectures, interconnected hydraulics are particularly suitable for a wide range of technical uses in machines and systems and support the interconnection of Industrial 4.0/IoT applications. In practical production applications, interconnection hydraulics simplifies the design of machine and system manufacturers and accelerates assembly and commissioning processes. In the design, the interconnected hydraulic system has greatly saved the Assembly space--the open core interface can realize the compatibility of data communication without adding additional modules; The inorganic cabinet solution can avoid complex circuit design, space demand and excessive cost input. In addition, when the technician is configured, the motion control virtual image of the hydraulic actuator can be integrated into the simulation tool, and the control function is further simulated by software, thus saving the time and cost of constructing the complex prototype.

In the installation, through the pre-assembly and operation of the module can be Plug and play, so as to facilitate real-time debugging, and the open standard of network transformation, it can better save the installation and commissioning of the time and cost. At the same time, interconnected hydraulics can maximize productivity and reduce downtime. On the one hand, relying on Rexroth hydraulic system's strong performance, high precision, stability, high advantages, can help users achieve the best control in use, greatly enhance production efficiency.

On the other hand, through the sensor collects the data, establishes the data model to its analysis, provides the condition detection and the predictive maintenance for the user, further enhances the equipment the reliability, the maximum reduces the downtime time. "Interconnected hydraulics can better meet the various needs arising from the wide range of application areas and the diversification of application scenarios, optimize production performance while minimizing equipment energy consumption and better support equipment development and maintenance costs."

"said Ms. Ninyi, chief Sales director of Bosch Rexroth China Industrial Hydraulics. As a representative of the interconnected hydraulic products, Bosch Rexroth's new hydraulic power unit, CYTROPAC, also appeared at this exhibition. Product set hydraulic components, inverter, motors, pumps, sensors in one, as a plug-and-play solution, using on-demand speed control equipment, simplified debugging, the energy consumption reduced by 80%. At the same time, through the sensor and the Internet of things, the user can monitor and manage all the data in the Cytropac operation, and early identify the wear and failure, quickly repair, provide users with more efficient, more intelligent interconnection hydraulic services. Since its launch in 2017, CYTROPAC has been used in the production of many leading industrial manufacturers in addition to the Bosch Rexroth German Forkach plant, and plans to cover more non-industrial sectors in the future.