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2018 China Construction Machinery Industry growth can be effective lubrication to push quality revolution

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The quality revolution made in China, the Internet +, large data, artificial intelligence, to the infrastructure of major opportunities, pollution prevention and control, and "All the way" international cooperation and other hot words, 2018 "Government work Report" in many deployments, can be said to stabilize the recovery of the construction machinery industry to bring new opportunities for development. Recently, the Chinese Construction Machinery Industry Association President Qi Jun in the "China Construction machinery industry situation and Development Report" said: "After years of continuous efforts in the industry, after five years of industry development ebb, 2017 construction machinery industry ushered in a new high-speed growth, the main product sales increased by 45.7% Year-on-year, Exports increased by 18.5%, the main enterprises to achieve a significant increase in economic efficiency: operating income growth of 22.2% year-on-year, the total profit growth of nearly 500%. The construction machinery industry realizes the double growth of output and benefit, the double growth of domestic and international market, ushered in a new round of rapid development。

April 11-14th, with the "New era, new concept, as the theme of" China Construction Machinery Industry Association Five session three members of the General Assembly and the 16th session of China Construction Machinery Development High-level Forum, held in Liuzhou, Guangxi, the Conference on the National Macro-economic and construction machinery industry development situation of in-depth interpretation

Awarded the 2017 Construction machinery credit rating certificate and plaque, and around the "green Intelligence and High-quality development"; "' All the way ' and global brand" and other hot issues held a parallel forum.

The positive superposition 2018 construction machinery industry growth can period 2017, the situation of China's construction machinery industry to good, excavators, loaders, cranes and other major construction machinery products sales have increased significantly. According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Excavator Branch data show, 2017 1-December into the statistics of the 25 mainframe manufacturing enterprises, the total sales of various types of mining machinery products 140,303, year-on-year growth of 99.5%; According to the statistics of soil transport Machinery Branch

2017 annual cumulative sales of various types of loaders 97610 units, an increase of 30235 units, increased by 44.88%. Under the overall development of construction machinery, the "quality revolution" has become the main melody of the industry transformation. "To speed up the construction of powerful countries," the report said. Fully carry out quality promotion action, promote and international advanced level to standard, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, to a Chinese-made quality revolution! " Put the quality and brand building to a more prominent position, continue to supply side structural reform as the breakthrough point, to "green, innovation, openness, sharing" to create quality revolution, to promote product extraction, enterprise efficiency, structure optimization, to high-quality, efficient, energy-saving and Environmental protection transformation and upgrading, become the construction machinery industry enterprises "made in China 2025", the only way to build a powerful nation.

Quality revolution to attack high efficiency lubrication solution to extract quality and increase efficiency key its prerequisite. Mechanical equipment, the weight of the device, the quality of the device, directly related to the success or failure of Chinese manufacturing. It can be seen that China's construction machinery has entered a vibrant spring from the cold stage. It is noteworthy that the construction machinery industry long-term accumulation of contradictions and problems have not been fully resolved, the production capacity of structural surplus, the increase in operating costs, the industry is increasingly fierce competition, such as the pain point still restricts the healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the upgrading of technology and the change of working conditions have put forward higher standards for the performance of engineering machinery products and the service of post market operation and maintenance. With the implementation of the national three standards, the upgrading of construction requirements and the emergence of new law, industry brand concentration will also be in the market to improve the sand. Therefore, the industry stability to a good situation needs to be further consolidated, construction machinery enterprises and ancillary services enterprises to cultivate internal strength, transition and upgrade heavy responsibilities

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