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Heavy machinery industry Overall recovery 2018 situation to good

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April 19 China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Seven session three member Congress and seven sessions of the Council held in Beijing, Heavy Machinery Association at the meeting released the latest 2017 years of industry data. In the 2017, under the environment of steady growth, structural adjustment and "three drops and one replenishment", the heavy machinery market continued to recover gradually in the second half of 2016 years, showing a continuing growth trend.

The annual main business income reached 1.2 trillion yuan, the growth rate of 8.2%; profit margin 5.1%, year-on-year growth of 0.2%; Total import and export total trade 21.858 billion U.S. dollars, up 6.1%. Since 2012, the main industry revenue growth rate gradually from high-speed regression to medium and low speed, 2015 industry growth to the lowest point of 0.6%, 2016 rebound to 1.5%, 2107 continued to show growth, the industry entered a new cycle of development of the rising stage, the overall stability of the progressive, stable in the good posture.

But the industry reshuffle is still continuing, industry enterprises in production and cutoff, rehabilitation and conversion and transformation of mergers and acquisitions together, accounts receivable a slight decline but still high.

Innovation and development the past year has been fruitful

2017 heavy machinery industry actively promote structural reform of the supply side, independent innovation fruitful results, some products fill the gap in the field.

Li Jue, executive vice president of the association, summed up the results of the industry last year in his work report. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry independent development and manufacture of world-class level of the Yangshan port fully automated container handling equipment; The successful delivery of users of the first "Hualong" Fuqing 5th nuclear reactor Pressure vessel in China, marking China's nuclear power has the advanced level of the international generation of nuclear power technology, and a heavy print on Chinese business cards; The first set of 862MW Francis turbines of the Wudongde hydropower project developed by China dual and Dalian heavy industry have passed the test, marks the world's largest hydraulic turbine crown trial success, Henan FEI Heavy Industry Group independent research and Development manufacturing of the first embedded scraper plate grain continuous ship unloader, breaking the type of port machinery has been relying on imports of the situation;

Too heavy group developed the first offshore 5MW wind turbine, Fuqing Xinghuawan test wind farm successfully grid-connected power generation, so that China's offshore wind power to a new level, too heavy product structure from "black" to "blue" adjustment. C919 large aircraft, fuxing high-speed train and "China Sky Eye" and so on, with international level on behalf of the national strength of the node products came out successively, engraved with "heavy Machine" traces. At the same time, some enterprises rely on their own advantages, with the opportunity of innovative development, and actively to automation, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing upgrades, to the manufacturing services industry transformation. Gantry crane industry to accelerate product lightweight, compact elevator and other institutions to upgrade, and in the innovation of manufacturing technology, professional equipment to take a solid step; belt conveyor industry actively promote the green products such as serpentine machine, grinding equipment to adapt to market changes, in the service of old users on the basis of the development of sand processing products to adapt; Warehousing Logistics equipment, urban parking equipment industry has entered a rapid development phase, and innovative handling and storage methods, integration of automation, information, new Energy vehicle resistance technology, derived from a new category of handling equipment; Part of the use of enterprise product advantages, the development of high-speed vehicles, such as rail transport vehicle axles, transmission,

Brake and many other parts, large casting and forging products in new materials and production technology to continue to carry out branch research, for new areas have a new breakthrough; the old product derivation, the derivation new domain Summen product's work in the solid development.

2018 years of healthy development to a better situation

Li Jue that the 2018 industry is still in a new cycle of the rising stage of the market situation.

Demand side of the new kinetic energy conversion in the accelerated, capacity replacement active, metallurgical industry upgrading needs highlighted, mining intelligent mining, comprehensive utilization of resources, green development of the potential market gradually surfaced, lifting transport logistics warehousing machinery situation gratifying, conducive to the second half of the enterprise order accumulation. However, the port thermal power, building materials and other industries bulk transport products are relatively weak orders, whether the rally is still to be observed. Due to supporting parts, collaborative pieces of enterprise production, environmental protection and other reasons, the supply chain repair will take some time, which would make the host scheduled assembly factory is greatly restricted, semi-finished products will appear a new backlog, liquidity Zhanya will appear to rise; the price of steel in raw materials is still fluctuating, but there will be no big soaring.

Industry is expected to maintain stability throughout the year, the growth rate of around 6%, profit margin of about 5%.

Li Jue pointed out that the heavy machinery industry in the new era reorientation of the proposed direction, industry enterprises need to calm analysis of the situation, combined with development planning, take advantage of the move, and strive to solve the imbalance, inadequate contradictions in the realization of the old kinetic energy transformation, to achieve new growth point, keep up with the development of modern times, to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of heavy machinery industry. Heavy machinery industry high quality development, mainly includes the following aspects, in ensuring product quality, "heavy machinery Industry" Thirteen-Five "Planning outline", the product commissioning after the completion of the first start-up rate in 98%, in improving the reliability of products and equipment to accumulate data. In the future, not only pay attention to the passing rate of products, but also to improve product reliability, comfort, the next time to put the user's desire to live a better life embodied in the product. In manufacturing, the organization of the plant's technical force and creators, through the development of tooling, tools, special equipment and increase robot production lines, to achieve product quality production consistency, on this basis, and gradually realize the production of digital, information, automation, intelligence.